PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim – The real reason to be excited… and no it isn’t the 4K.

They’ve been announced.

They’ve been revealed.

And is it just me or do the new PS4 models look a little bit underwhelming?

These are bits of tech that are going to push console gaming to a level it’s not been anywhere near before, and it’s not being sold as a new generation but rather an augmentation of the current gen. Which is great, you see graphical advances all the time as generations progress and devs learn how to milk the hardware for more juice. But one thing I do question is the price tag.

Do Sony genuinely expect people to pay the price of a whole new generation of console for an augmentation they don’t need? I mean fuck, i’m an early adopter of tech if I can be, but I wont be upgrading to the Pro until my launch day ps4 finally starts to bite the bucket. Or if it has drastically reduced heat ouput and energy consumption levels, which as far as I’m aware, it doesn’t (at least not one worth noting).

And the biggest gripe with it is the 4K. people are making out that it’s going to be literally game changing… How many gamers who play on consoles actually give a shit about it? 4k is one of those improvements that looks at specs over actual performance. You’ll only notice the difference if you get to within 3 inches of the screen and really fucking look.The only visual advancement that has me getting a little bit excited for the upgrade is the fact that Sony are incorporating HDR support into the console.

For those of you who don’t know, HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. And it is one of the best visual advancements since the advent of High Definition. 4K is pushing the bounds of pixel density… which means processors will run hotter to make the advancement. HDR is all about colour processing. And I honestly find it hard to put into words. It basically makes colours pop, which in turn makes images look richer and deeper. It adds a warm and tone that is more akin to real life. Which means that as good as games colours look now, the colour pallets are only going to get more vibrant as time goes on.


The aim for devs using HDR will be to make all games too about as good as the image with local tone mapping.

Honestly, they better processor and everything is nice, but HDR is the true reason to get excited for the upgraded consoles. Other than that its just so much polish and so much more money for Sony.

Sorry if I’m not as hyped as you were expecting but there it is.



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