Where I have been for the past 6 months…

So, you may be wondering why I have been quiet as of late…

Why hasn’t Archer been blogging? Has he quit? is he dead?

Well, fret not, fellow inmates for the rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated.

See what happened was, in December of last year I had an accident at work and seriously injured my spine. I was admitted to hospital and had to have emergency surgery to relieve the pressure on the nerves branching from my spinal cord in the lower back. But some damage has remained, and to this day I do not have feeling in my legs below the knee.

This made recovery difficult. I can walk a little on crutches but for longer distances or periods of time, I am now in a wheelchair. It’s a challenge. It’s a learning curve. But I’ll never lose a game of Musical Chairs again!

On a more serious note, I am fine. Honestly. I’m learning to live with my disability still and there have been some stumbles (both metaphorically and physically) along the way but I will get there. I don’t know if my legs will ever get better, and nor do my doctors, but that’s ok. It’s ok because I’m still here. It’s ok because I still have my wife and my friends. It’s ok.

Also, in my unplanned and extended hiatus, we moved house! Doing so when fresh out of a 2 month stay in hospital was not fun, and it meant a lot of work for my wife and friends, to whom we are eternally grateful. But! in this new house we have an office, and I have an honest to god computer desk, at which I am currently typing this. This means vlogs will be coming your way in the future. Plus the return of The Podcast with No Name, along with new shows. The Redshirts are returning to the Asylum, Geek and The Gang (in partnership with Geekdom Amino) will premiere and I shall hopefully soon get back to the live streaming schedule.

I’ve missed you all, my 2 or 3 fans hahaha.

Here’s to a better 2017 and a return to fun and shenanigans.


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