King Bongs Payback predictions

Payback is upon us. This Pay-Per-View has the potential to outshine Wrestlemania in my opinion... if they pull it off that is. So, here are my predictions of whats going to happen at Backla- I mean Payback. Payback Pre-Show WWE United States title: Kalisto (c) vs Ryback There's always been one thing on my mind during …

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King Bongs perilous Payback review of little payoff

Payback this year was... a mixed bag at best, I was only really looking forward to three matches from the start, and while it did a lot of stuff right and gave us some fun moments (Kevin Owens on commentary, I'm looking at you). There was a lot wrong with the event too... well at …

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Big plans for The Boss at Summerslam

According to most reports, WWE Women's champion Charlotte and Natalya are set to feud for around two months for the belt. Despite the unresolved issue of the shenanigans performed by everyone's favorite dirty grandpa, Ric Flair at Wrestlemania. While I hear the cries of wrestling fans already, fear not, for every dog, or BOSS, has …

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Bray Wyatt injured at WWE house show in Milan, Italy

It seems 2016 is set to carry on the tradition of last year in WWE, as now Bray Wyatt joins the injured list after injuring his right leg against Roman Reigns during a house show in Italy. This coming not long off of the back of Luke Harper being injured during a dark main event …

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Breaking PG vs WrestleMania Weekend

We're back guys! And this month we cover the Granddaddy of them all, WrestleMania 32 and it's much better little brother NXT Takeover. Did we enjoy the show? Did we insult your favourite star? How many nations did we manage to offend this time? Find out below!

WWE’s Daniel Bryan Retires

By now we've all heard that Bryan Danielson, known in the WWE as Daniel Bryan, has announced his retirement from in ring competition due to his health reasons, stemming from his concussion issues. It is looking more, and more, like a legitimate retirement, much like Edge when he retired. We at The Redshirt blog would …

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Breaking PG – Discussion – Perfect Wrestlemania

Listen as your host Vince McCam forces his subordinates to come up with their ideal WrestleMania following on from recent storylines, and injuries. Do you agree with us? Do you have your own thoughts or ideas? If so, let us know!